Pool And Spa Cleaning

Our pool cleaning service is fully inclusive and comprehensive. We provide all the chemicals and equipment necessary to keep you pool sparkling clean all year round.

Our work schedule includes:

  • Maintaining the pool and/or spa water chemistry to the required level using the recommended chemistry levels set by the Professional Association.
  • Ensuring that the pool and/or spa is clean and usable.
  • Maintaining the recommended water level in the pool.
  • Operating the filtration equipment correctly.
  • Providing all the chemicals and tests necessary to maintain the pool.
  • Keeping a record of chemicals used and maintenance carried out.

One of the advantages of using our pool cleaning service is that, as we also provide a maintenance and repair service so we can quickly deal with any breakdowns without the need to call in a third party.

Our experience covers a wide range of pools and pool equipment so you can rest assured that you pool is in good hands. For example we currently look after:

  • Salt Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Pool Heating
  • Pool Covers
  • Infinity Pools
  • Community Pools
  • Deiatomeous Filters.
  • Non Chlorine Pools using active oxygen.

If you have a Spa we will clean and maintain the water chemistry plus we will drain down and re-fill the Spa as required so that is ready to use the minute you arrive.